About us

StretchShop project is represented by the company with the same name (StretchShop s.r.o.) founded by Marcel Zúbrik in 2020 in a small European country called Slovakia.

After years of experience as a developer, he wanted to create a solution that would not suffer from issues he was fighting in the past, like:

  • Wide tech-stack with many different technologies used in one project.
  • Hard to scale up or down the project.
  • Slow models that pulled the project speed down.
  • Complicated development and deployment.
  • Expensive administration and updates.
  • No rules about who should be having what role on project.

StretchShop should be answer to these problems. Selecting smart technologies and using them to create better e-commerce solution.

To learn more about legal side of how StretchShop works, see our: